MML Tags ... Re: [ic] Can you edit templates with a WYSIWYG editor?

Young Family
Wed, 4 Apr 2001 14:53:43 -0700

> but It'll be much more complicated as no
> program can understand/parse
> the IC MML tags yet.

This is a feature that may be very useful for a new release of Interchange,
the ability to use alternate tag syntax.

For example in PHP the normal tags are  <?PHP  Your php code here <?>. This
makes it impossible to edit PHP pages using Front Page.

BUT... PHP has an option called 'USE_ASP_TAGS=YES'   where I can use the
alternative syntax <% your php code here %> which makes Front Page think it
is dealing with an ASP page. I can now happily use FrontPage and/or other
ASP-friendly editors, and not have the editor kill my code.  I still must
call the page mypage.php using the php suffix in order to get Apache to
invoke the PHP scripting language.

Maybe someday we can all create mypage.mml pages???? Or maybe the MML suffix
would not be necessary, I am not sure technically how the Interchange Engine
invokes the tags. I think it is vlink, but I am still a humble beginner.

This would be a very useful feature to me, (the ability to use alternate tag
syntax). It makes embedding scripts in your page a "dream come true".

Alan Young