MML Tags ... Re: [ic] Can you edit templates with a WYSIWYG editor?

Mike Heins
Wed, 4 Apr 2001 10:48:01 -0400

Quoting Young Family (
> > but It'll be much more complicated as no
> > program can understand/parse
> > the IC MML tags yet.
> This is a feature that may be very useful for a new release of Interchange,
> the ability to use alternate tag syntax.
> For example in PHP the normal tags are  <?PHP  Your php code here <?>. This
> makes it impossible to edit PHP pages using Front Page.
> BUT... PHP has an option called 'USE_ASP_TAGS=YES'   where I can use the
> alternative syntax <% your php code here %> which makes Front Page think it
> is dealing with an ASP page. I can now happily use FrontPage and/or other
> ASP-friendly editors, and not have the editor kill my code.  I still must
> call the page mypage.php using the php suffix in order to get Apache to
> invoke the PHP scripting language.

Actually, you can use <!--[tag ...]--> and it will work. There is also
an HTML tag parsing mechanism that still works (although it reduces parse
speed from 20-50%) and allows you to do things like

	<SCRIPT MV=calc>

This is documented, but it isn't encouraged for use and is deprecated. (There
are probably more than a few bugs in it as well....)

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