[ic] How to create subcategories

Steve & Patti Getzinger steveandpatti@wubs.org
Wed, 04 Apr 2001 15:41:29 -0500

See my post on this topic a couple days ago. It outlines how to set up and mine
out 3 levels deep (which is what you are asking). I also advocate a separate
search field for each category thus avoiding any problems with white space in
displayed data. So Dog Products in category is DGPR in categorysf you search on
categorysf and display the entry in category.


"Marcelo F. De Paula" wrote:

> Jim,
> The reason of my question is the same of yours. If you find a way to do that
> please help me!
> Thanks and best regards,
> Marcelo
> On Tue, 3 Apr 2001, Dan McFarland wrote:
> DM>>Subject: Re: [ic] How to create subcategories
> DM>>
> DM>>An easy way to do it is to name the category INKJET and in the design
> area
> DM>>of the admin util create a category header of PRINTERS and add the
> category
> DM>>INKJET under it.  If you want to be able to search by the field PRINTER,
> you
> DM>>can do that easy enough.
> What about if you have several brands of inkjets and you want separate
> categories for  them?
> -= Jim =-
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