[ic] inventory.txt question solved but 'nothing' page problem remains

F. James Rohlf rohlf@life.bio.sunysb.edu
Thu, 5 Apr 2001 00:07:46 -0400

Please ignore my previous question. Problem was that I had some blank spaces
mixed in the tab-delimited file. Even though it looked ok in the tables
display it was not interpreted correctly. Would be nice if there was some
visual clue in the admin area or an error message - if IC would ignore
leading and trailing blanks in a tab-delimited field.

Sorry for the interruption.

I still am trying to figure out why clicking on the Buy button just brings
up a page saying "Sorry, the page (nothing) was not found". When a user
clicks on Buy what page should try to process it? That is, what is being
called by <input type=submit value=Buy
onClick="this.form.mv_oi[item-increment].value='[item-code]'">. Where do I
find the meaning of this.form.mv_oi?  I noticed that in Feb there were
similar questions about the Buy button only there people were getting the
expired page or the nothing page as I do. Someone mentioned differences in
IE vs. Netscape both give the same error for me. I could not see anyone
actually providing an answer to the question however. Has someone figured
out the problem by now?