[ic] Ropost: Undefine catalog /cgi-bin/construct

dingdong dingdong.sobida@q-linux.com
Thu, 05 Apr 2001 16:55:29 +0800

Sorry for the repost but I think I posted this as a reply to another


I have been installing and uninstalling IC for quite a while now,
but eversince I tried using PostgreSQL as my backend I keep
on getting the error message:

        Undefine catalog /cgi-bin/construct

But I always can revert back to the text files.
but my recent install using only PostgreSQL I again have the
same error even if i try using the test file database. Following
are some more info.

1) I used makecat to contruct the demo catalog
2) The user account I used to install it is on the pg_shadow table of PG

3) I have install all required and optional perl modules for IC
4) I initially used the non DBI postgres module
5) then I also tried using the DBI postgres module

Can someone give me a quick note on creating VLINKs, i think that's
where the problem lies