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I just made a static html page, with a listing of my sub-subcategories, and
hard-coded links to their searches.


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On Wed, 4 Apr 2001, Steve & Patti Getzinger wrote:

S&PG>>See my post on this topic a couple days ago. It outlines how to set up
and mine
S&PG>>out 3 levels deep (which is what you are asking). I also advocate a
S&PG>>search field for each category thus avoiding any problems with white
space in
S&PG>>displayed data. So Dog Products in category is DGPR in categorysf you
search on
S&PG>>categorysf and display the entry in category.

I read your post that you wrote a couple of days ago. However, it
didn't go where I wanted to see it go, and apparently Marcelo didn't
find joy in it, either. I do appreciate your efforts, however. They
were constructive.

The docs say that we can set up a large amount of sub-categories, just
like making sub-directories on a hard drive.

What I am looking for, and I believe that Marcelo is, too (as well as
some others) is...

Sticking within the framework of 'Construct Something' and figuring out
how to modify that....

The user comes into the store and in the left hand side is a category
headed 'Tools' That's a name. It's not hot, it's not clickable.

Under that are some categories - all hot and clickable:

The user wants to buy a hammer, so he clicks on hammers.

Now, he needs some more choices:
Curved Claw
Straight Claw
Ball Peen
Sledge Hammers

He clicks on Sledge Hammers

Now, we've got:


We can further refine this to manufacturers:

Black and Decker

And, now he is presented with a page of a half dozen 20# sledge hammers
made by Stanley from which he can make a selection.

But, if at the top, when he clicked on 'hammers' it would bring up
nearly 200 entries and he would feel swamped.


This is the sense that I think that Marcelo, and quite a few others are
looking for.

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