[ic] stable interchange-4.7.x.tar.gz + adjusted docs

Doug Alcorn doug@lathi.net
05 Apr 2001 11:19:13 -0400

cfm@maine.com writes:
> The strength is the core.  ic is not very good at page building 
> and of no use at all that way when one's site is bigger than the 
> catalog.  Me, I'd say leave the site construction -"construct" 
> and templating - to other tools that do it better.  IC is plenty
> stable right now as far as the core is concerned.

Would you mind writing up something more about this?  How are you
doing development from just the "core"?  What does the source of your
pages look like?

I have heard sentiments like yours from more than one place.  I'm
still pretty new to IC, but I've had suspicions that are similar.  I'm
just not sure how to make the transition of how I do things now to how
you are doing things.
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