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Young Family ary@communicationfactory.com
Fri, 6 Apr 2001 07:32:59 -0700

> Just found out today that I also need to modify the cart to get credit
card billing information (yes, a third set of address fields).  Sigh.
You may be setting yourself up to get scammed...
Read  http://www.scambusters.com/CreditCardFraud.html
Here's an excerpt
Here's a personal example: Our company experienced its first encounter with
credit card fraud last month. Someone stole a credit card account number,
then used the stolen number to purchase a $500 product from our company. The
crook knew the cardholder's correct address, provided our company with that
information, but requested that the product be shipped to a different
Since it's not uncommon for our customers to request a "ship to" address
which is different than the "bill to" address, at first, we didn't think
much of it. Our policy is to send the invoice to the "bill to" address --
which we did. A few days later we got a call from the customer (whose card
number was stolen) informing us that he never purchased anything from us.
This particular scamster used one of the free email services (Juno) to open
an email account in the stolen cardholder's name -- which made the
transaction appear more legitimate. We informed Juno's security department
of the fraud taking place. (Juno said that they shut down the scamster's
Although we got authorization and approval from our merchant account vendor,
we bear all the loss.

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Alan Young