[ic] accessing array

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Ok I think I should expand more on this....
i dont think i provided enough info...here are snippets of my code
on a particular page I do a sql search in perl :

my $resultset = $dbh->selectall_arrayref($query)

and want to use these results on another page so I do:

$Values->{final} = @$resultset;

This maybe where I am going wrong..
on another page I try to access the stored value :

return $Values->{final};

returns ARRAY(0x8d9154c)ARRAY(0x8dd4314)ARRAY(0x8d5a8bc)ARRAY(0x8d81490) to
the screen and:

return $Values->{final}[0];

returns nothing.... I am thinking this is because the initial value was an
array ref and somehow is not being dereferenced...



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> >when I try to print an array of arrays in perl stored as $Values->{final}
> >it returns
> >ARRAY(0x8d9154c)ARRAY(0x8dd4314)ARRAY(0x8d5a8bc)
> >to the screen.
> >How can I access just one element of one of those arrays??
> $Values->{final}[0] ?  I await my humbling correction. :-)
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