[ic] Database design questions

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Fri, 6 Apr 2001 19:28:47 -0400

Quoting Jud Harris (jud-lists@copernica.com):
> Mike, Dan,
> Thanks for the replies.  Mike, thanks for sharing your thoughts on the design.
> I expected that someone wiser than I had already hashed through these questions.
> I speak as a rookie with enough knowledge and terminology to be a bit dangerous
> (I'm in a database design class at school right now, finishing off my CS minor).
> I definitely see how problems could occur if transactions linked to another
> tables address data.  It would indeed cause old, modified data to be lost.
> Before I spend time writing a perl dbi script to generate something Quickbooks
> can import, does anyone know if its been done already, or if there's a quicker,
> better way to do it via the reporting util in IC?

I take it you didn't notice extensions/quickbooks in the distribution
directory. 8-)

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