[ic] HELP! A couple quick questions/problems

Jason Osborne jason@sohonetworks.cc
Sat, 7 Apr 2001 15:38:34 -0500

To all you Interchangers out there,

I have a few quick questions/problems. Here goes.

Q1 Is the UPS origin suppose to be the same as my zip code or is this a
different code?

Q2 Is the UPS shipping information in the database correct? If I needed to
update it, where would I go to get the information that would need to be
added for Interchange to calculate shipping correctly.

Q3 I noticed that while I was adding categories that if you click on any of
the "action" buttons on the site and then change your mind and click again
before the page has a chance to refresh, it somehow crashes the backend of
the site even though the front end continues to work perfectly fine. Is
there a fix for this so I won't have to restart the server every time?

Q4 Is there a way to specify different prices for different sizes of a
single item?

Q5 Are there plans for Interchange to allow a site admin to enter his/her
actual cost on an item and specify markup percentages for buyers versus

I apologize in advance for the lengthy questions. Still trying to determine
if this is the right package for my company.


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