[ic] how to devevope an auto-notifier

johscoand johscoand@home.com
Sun, 8 Apr 2001 09:54:17 -0700

Here is my situation. Our company is using IC as our intranet. I've
developed may UI objects and one of them being for contact managesment. Here
is the problem that I am having. Our people log on to our stores UI  there
they can search through their contacts make a noteto call them back on a
certain date etc. what Iwant to happen is while the sales person is logged
on IC somehow will check the contacts table lookn in the callback column and
then have a message popup on the users screen noting them that they have a
sales call to make to this individual.

Is far as I can tell is that this will require crontab with time intervals
but howdo I have crontab notify a logged in individual and notify them of an
upcoming event.

Or even if this is possible with IC or maybe Ishould use java...any ideas

Scott Andreas