[ic] admin ui on demo keeps logging me out

Jonathan Clark jonc@webmaint.com
Sun, 8 Apr 2001 20:53:58 +0100

> When i go to the admin interface, I get a list of admin tasks/functions.
> When I click on them I am forced to log in again. This means I can do
> nothing with the demo site. I have spent the time RTFMing - I have
> logged over 40 hours so far on getting interchange to this stage,
> reading the faq, the catalog-building tutorial, the configuration manual
> ( mostly, tho not all has sunk in) the database manual and the template
> manual. All are bound and sitting on my desk). I have tried various
> tricks such as setting WideOpen Yes and  SessionExpire   10 minutes in
> the hope that I can slacken off access rules until I can get the
> interchange to work.

I imagine this must be a session thing. I assume that the from side stuff is
delivering pages properly.

I have only ever got ic to consistently start new sessions with each request
by incorrectly specifying the cookie domain such that the browser didnt keep
the cookie and so the server thought I was a new user. (one dot causes this)

Have you set/altered the CookieDomain?