[ic] Image and Thumb in item editor

Towne Crier Systems tcs@whitefish.net
Sun, 08 Apr 2001 22:39:40 -0600

At 08:40 PM 4/8/2001 -0500, Robert Trembath wrote:
>Check the symlink to the images directory in var/lib/interchange/<catalog
>name>/ to /var/www/html/<catalog name>/images/

ok, your not following me

images will display from images/items
images will display from images/thumb

but using the constuct demo there is not admin template to edit BOTH the 
image filename and thumb filename.

If you go to the admin menu, click on items, select ANY item, you will see 
there is only a input box for ONLY image, there is no input box for 
thumb.  If you edit/add here, that form deletes whatever is actually in the 
thumb cell of the table when saved.  btw, the order in the from is image 
tag, image input box; next line thumb tag, no input box.

Now, if you go to admin, tables, select the products table, then edit it in 
spreadsheet mode, you will see the cells for both image and thumb.  On any 
UNEDITED item there will be a filename in BOTH cells.  On a edited item, 
the thumb cell is empty.  Now if you select a item in this mode for edit, 
you will see that the thumb tag, image input box, next line image tage, no 
input box is display.  If you edit and save here, the filename is inserted 
for the thumb cell, and the image cell is wiped clean upon save.

I have been able to replicate this behavior in the stock construct demo and 
also my modified setup.  The ONLY way I can get a filename in both image 
and thumb cells is to export, edit, reimport.  But then any other admin I 
give access to has this problem as well.

Suggestions, ideas, fixes?