[ic] CyberCash

Mike Heins mheins@redhat.com
Mon, 9 Apr 2001 01:33:27 -0400

Quoting Chip Adair (chip@workingapps.com):
> The first time I setup an interchange catalog, I looked into using CyberCash
> as a payment processing system.
> I found an article either in the documentation or the mailing list that gave
> a simple explanation on how to
> setup cybercash with interchange.
> Now that I am trying to set this up for a client, I can't find the
> article/documentation anywhere.
> Can someone help me out?

Inexplicably, this was deleted from the current online docs, and wasn't
updated. Though payment is changing pretty dramatically for the next
version, complete backward compatiblity is maintained and this will
still work:

1. Obtain the CyberCash modules, prefereably version though and above should work if you add "DebugFile /dev/null" in
interchange.cfg. Ask around on the list if you need older versions.

2. Install the modules, then find the directory where they are and
copy them to /path_to_interchange/lib. Include the following files:

    CCMckDirectLib3_2.pm  CCMckLib3_2.pm  MCKencrypt
    CCMckErrno3_2.pm      MCKdecrypt      computeMD5hash

Make sure the program files (non-.pm) are executable.

3. Edit CC*.pm to adjust the paths for MCKencrypt, MCKdecrypt, and

CCMckDirectLib3_2.pm:$MCKencrypt = "/path_to_interchange/lib/MCKencrypt";
CCMckDirectLib3_2.pm:$MCKdecrypt = "/path_to_interchange/lib/MCKdecrypt";

CCMckLib3_2.pm:$computehash = "/path_to_interchange/lib/computeMD5hash";

4. Restart Interchange and make sure you get the message:

    CyberCash module found (Version 3.x)

5. Locate your merchant_conf file, and make sure you have the right
values for CYBERCASH_ID and MERCHANT_KEY (get from your control panel
at amps.cybercash.com). 

6. Set the following in catalog.cfg:

	CyberCash  No
	Variable MV_PAYMENT_MODE   mauthonly
	Variable CYBER_CONFIGFILE  /path/to/merchant_conf

There are some other things to set if you are outside the US, you might
check some of this very outdated documentation (use this, not that, as
the authority):


7. Reconfig the catalog (or restart Interchange).

8. Make sure you have this at the top of your checkout page:

	[if session cybercash_error]
			CyberCash: [data session cybercash_error]

9. Test by keeping your account in test mode and looking for a successful
transaction. Put [dump] in a page and examine the returned cybercash_result,
or use this code:

		$Tag->uneval( { ref => $Session->{cybercash_result } );

Then test by going live and using the fake card 4111 1111 1111 1111; you
should get back "Declined: bad card".

Finally test by ordering a cheap item with your real credit card (you can
always do a return later).

10. Really go live.

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