[ic] SearchCache

Victor Nolton ven@pragakhan.com
Mon, 9 Apr 2001 03:03:58 -0400

Just curious what ever happened with searchcache. It shows up in the 
Minvend 3 docs, doesn't show up in the 4.0 docs.

in the 3.0 docs it says you create a dir called SearchCache in the 
ConfDir which is /etc . IN the 4.0 docs it references this as a 
ScratchDir which is the /tmp dir. So I've created the SearchCache dir 
in /etc and /tmp .
I've added
ClearCache yes
SearchCache  Yes

to my catalog.cfg but it doesn't seem to happen. and yes I've restarted.

I tried the website but no luck. Searched the mailing list, very few 

also I got the following..
Sorry, no matches for usertag | overview.
Sorry, no matches for tagref | overview.
When clicking on Tag Reference and Usertag Library. *shrug*

Any ideas?



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