[ic] RFC: DBI 1.15 released two weeks ago

Dan B db@cyclonehq.dnsalias.net
Mon, 09 Apr 2001 00:40:02 -0700

I haven't seen a new DBI release in a few years, and I wondered if anyone 
had some comments on how the new 1.15 release two weeks ago might affect IC:

Does the new selectrow_* stuff have any bearing on IC?
Has anyone noticed the memory leak mentioned in the release notes?  Is it 
fixed in 5.6.0?
 >    Perl 5.005 and 5.006 both leak memory doing local($handle->{Foo}).
 >    Perl 5.004 doesn't. The leak is not a DBI or driver bug.
Anyone used the DBIODBC?

FYI, I'm running my 4.6.4 catalogs just fine on 1.15.

-Dan B.

Changes in DBI 1.15,    28th March 2001

   Added selectrow_arrayref
   Added selectrow_hashref
   Added selectall_hashref thanks to Leon Brocard.
   Added DBI->connect(..., { dbi_connect_method => 'method' })
   Added $dbh->{Statement} aliased to most recent child $sth->{Statement}.
   Added $h->{ShowErrorStatement}=1 to cause the appending of the
     relevant Statement text to the RaiseError/PrintError text.
   Modified type_info to always return hash keys in uppercase and
     to not require uppercase 'DATA_TYPE' key from type_info_all.
     Thanks to Jennifer Tong and Rob Douglas.
   Added \%attr param to tables() and table_info() methods.
   Trace method uses warn() if it can't open the new file.
   Trace shows source line and filename during global destruction.
   Updated packages:
     Updated Win32::DBIODBC (Win32::ODBC emulation) thanks to Roy Lee.
     Updated DBD::ADO to much improved version 0.4 from Tom Lowery.
     Updated DBD::Sponge to include $sth->{PRECISION} thanks to Tom Lowery.
     Changed DBD::ExampleP to use lstat() instead of stat().
     Documented $DBI::lasth (which has been there since day 1).
     Documented SQL_* names.
     Clarified and extended docs for $h->state thanks to Masaaki Hirose.
     Clarified fetchall_arrayref({}) docs (thanks to, er, someone!).
     Clarified type_info_all re lettercase and index values.
     Updated DBI::FAQ to 0.38 thanks to Alligator Descartes.
     Added cute bind_columns example thanks to Mark Dedlow.
     Extended docs on \%attr arg to data_sources method.
     Removed obscure potential 'rm -rf /' (thanks to Ulrich Pfeifer).
     Removed use of glob and find (thanks to Michael A. Chase).
     Removed debug messages from DBD::Proxy AUTOLOAD thanks to Brian McCauley.
     Added fix for problem using table_info thanks to Tom Lowery.
     Added better determination of where to put the pid file, and...
     Added KNOWN ISSUES section to DBD::Proxy docs thanks to Jochen Wiedmann.
     Updated DBI::Format to include DBI::Format::String thanks to Tom Lowery.
     Added describe command thanks to Tom Lowery.
     Added columnseparator option thanks to Tom Lowery (I think).
     Added 'raw' format thanks to, er, someone, maybe Tom again.
   Known issues:
     Perl 5.005 and 5.006 both leak memory doing local($handle->{Foo}).
     Perl 5.004 doesn't. The leak is not a DBI or driver bug.

Dan Browning, Cyclone Computer Systems, danb@cyclonecomputers.com