[ic] [Fwd: admin ui on demo keeps logging me out]

Leon Harris leon@quoll.com
Mon, 09 Apr 2001 22:37:28 +0800

Hi again. Thanks for all your help. It was a cookie problem, and it now

Hi to all.

I am having major hassles with interchange, and I cant find any help in
the documentation or mailing list archives.
When i go to the admin interface, I get a list of admin tasks/functions.
When I click on them I am forced to log in again. This means I can do
nothing with the demo site. I have spent the time RTFMing - I have
logged over 40 hours so far on getting interchange to this stage,
reading the faq, the catalog-building tutorial, the configuration manual
( mostly, tho not all has sunk in) the database manual and the template
manual. All are bound and sitting on my desk). I have tried various
tricks such as setting WideOpen Yes and  SessionExpire   10 minutes in
the hope that I can slacken off access rules until I can get the
interchange to work.

I have root access and this is a virtual host, and the perms are set up
as interch or as nobody:interch in the web-visible directories. There
are no informative messages in /var/log/interchange.log or in

my httpd.conf is set up with 3 virtualhost directives for each site:

my hostname for interchange is www.hostname.com

Any ideas, anyone.

many thx in advance.