[ic] Running two virtual sites on same server with two IC servers

Ed LaFrance edl@newmediaems.com
Mon, 09 Apr 2001 09:17:36 -0700

At 03:46 PM 04/06/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>IC 4.6.3 tarball - Construct - Default DB - Linux Mandrake 6.0 - Perl
>Hi all,
>I hope someone can help. The last two days I have been observing slow or NO
>access to pages served by Interchange on two different hosts' servers. One
>site has been running since last Sept and was upgraded from MV4.04 to
>IC4.6.3 just last month. This sites' host informed me that "Interchange is
>using too many resources" and asked me to shut it down (and work together to
>troubleshoot this problem), and said there is another installation of
>Interchange in another clients space. When he reboots the system server,
>page access is normal (fast), but then slows down within 10 minutes after
>many page accesses, and eventually the system server crashes. Expireall
>scripts are in place to curb sessions (very few anyway). I haven't edited my
>.cfg files since mid March and they are standard install .cfg's, low
>traffic, etc. Nothing in error logs.
>There are two separate virtual installations of IC on one hosts servers, one
>installed by me, another by someone else. I also know the other host offers
>IC catalogs to its clients. Can these multiple installations cause this type
>of conflict? I am sure this has been brought up before but can't find
>anything in the archives. I've searched 'slow page access' 'multiple
>domains' and more. Only one of my sites are live, but I am still desparate
>to get IT back up!
>Looking for any info, tips, tricks, words to search by, etc. Thanks a lot!

There is no reason why multiple separate installs of IC should not be able 
to run on the same server, provided that the machine has adequate resources 
(memory, disk space/speed, processor speed, bandwidth, etc), and that the 
usernames under which the IC installations run do not overlap.  I have 
several installs of IC and MV, for separate virtual domains, running on my 
server without problems; I even have MV3 IC installed and running 
simultaneously for one user (working on an upgrade), they coexist in harmony.

Something specific to your host's server setup is the catalyst in your 
case.  Unfortunately I can't be more help than that.  Beyond verifying that 
the server is adequately equipped, and that you and other IC users on the 
server are not contaminating eachother's sessions or processes somehow (I 
am not even sure if the latter is possible), you just have to decide if 
staying with this current host is worth the effort of going on a quest for 
the solution.  There are numerous hosting alternatives out there.

Good Luck!

- Ed L.

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