[ic] "Place Order" submit funk

Ed LaFrance edl@newmediaems.com
Mon, 09 Apr 2001 09:56:32 -0700

At 11:12 AM 04/09/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>Hey folks -
>I imagine I'm not the first to experience this problem, but I'm not sure 
>what to
>search for in the archives.  So far, I've no luck turning up answers - 
>allow me
>to apologize in advance if I've missed some obvious posts regarding this.
>That being said, ...
>Sometimes (1/5 times?) when I click the "Place Order" button on the checkout
>page, I **immediately** get an error (either a 404 or a server not found, I
>forgot) from my browser (IE 5.5).  Note: it appears that it does not even
>attempt to contact the server, because it's SO fast returning the error, and I
>find no errors in the apache logs.
>When I hit the back button and click "Place Order" again, it works just fine.
>I'm assuming this might be a wierd ssl/IE problem?

Can't offer any help, just corroboration - I have a client who 
intermittently gets the same thing.  What flavor of SSL are you running and 
how strong is the encryption?  Let me know and I will try to check his - 
perhaps the common element is there.

Several IE-specific issues have cropped on on this list in the past - this 
may have been among them.  You could search 'IE SSL 404' in the archives 
and see what you get.

- Ed L.

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