[ic] Info about Splash Page

bobby@cybersoup.com bobby@cybersoup.com
Mon, 9 Apr 2001 11:50:40 -0700

Right now the 1st page a visitor comes to, when going to a store, is 
the index.html page (found in the sub directory titled "html" in the 
construct directory).  But the store owner can't edit this page 
through the admin.
How can I make it so a store owner can edit the "Splash Page" in the 
"pages directory" through the admin and the changes will show up on 
the 1st page before you get into the store its self?  I hope I 
haven't lost everyone, this is my first time at this.

I'm talking about wanting to editing through the admin of a store, 
the page with the two text links the take you to "Enter the Store as 
a Customer" or "Enter the Store's Administration Area".