[ic] Serving products Internationally

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Mon, 9 Apr 2001 22:23:43 -0400

Quoting Jason Osborne (jason@sohonetworks.cc):
> I was wondering how easy it would be to allow customers to pick between
> different languages on the site and if Interchange could convert from
> English on the fly. Its a long shot but who knows.

Not a long shot at all, IC has been doing this for years. The record
that I know of is 7 languages and 12 currencies all from the same page
set. You need to look up "Locale" on the developer site.

Also, I was wondering how
> easy it would be to charge import tax if other countries were chosen. Like
> if I ship a system to Ireland I have to pay 20% VAT to the gov.

[if type=data term="country::import_tax::[value country]"]
	<!-- Handling set to: [value name=mv_handling set="import"] -->
	<!-- Handling set to nothing. [value name=mv_handling set=""] -->

Then in shipping.asc:

	desc: Import tax
	crit: [subtotal noformat=1]
	min:  0
	max:  99999999
	cost: x .20


import	Import tax	[subtotal noformat=1]	0	99999999	x .20

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