[ic] IC "simple" demo

dingdong dingdong.sobida@q-linux.com
Tue, 10 Apr 2001 13:56:36 +0800


i think you have to download the catalog demo from the site.
i myself can't make it work co'z i don't have the demo. i tried
looking for it but i got lost in the site


DB wrote:

> I was able to install 4.64 easily and got the 'construct' demo to work
> just fine using mysql. I then tried to get the 'simple' demo to work,
> but I got an error that mentioned the password for mysql (NO password?).
> I used the same settings that worked for construct, and the 'simple'
> demo does work using a flat text data file. I did see some differences
> in the mysql sections of the two catalog's config files but don't know
> enough to see the problem. Can anyone offer a clue?
> D
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