[ic] Backing up/Moving problems

Kyle McLerren flux@aub.com
Tue, 10 Apr 2001 01:57:23 -0700 (PDT)

Hi everyone - hope you can help me with this -

Im a intermediate interchange user. We have a whole site set up using the
default "construction site" demo template cause im not too html
savvy. But, the layout, grafics, etc have all been costomized so its all
its own site except for the format. I have the need to move the store from
one machine to the other. I have attempted this recently, one machine has
Interchange 4.6.0 and the other has 4.6.3. I use Rsync to sync up all the
data in the user's web directory and the whole catalog library
directory. When i access the site on the new machine, the layout is almost
perfect except one thing. this one thing has been killing me for the
passed couple days. 

on the left hand side it displays all the options for
the default "construction demo site" such as "shovels, ladders, etc".. and
not the costom fields i have on the other machine. Such as "Costom item
here", where the user would click that linkw hen they wanted to see all
items for "costom item here." nothing else seems to be different, just
that one section on the left there. Ive beat my brain over this, can
anyone help? i thought ive copied every file there was to
copy. Thanks in advance!


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