[ic] SQL as products database

Grigoriy G. Vovk Grigoriy.Vovk@linustech.com.cy
Tue, 10 Apr 2001 16:07:32 +0300 (EEST)

Apr 10, 13:07 +0100, Jonathan Clark has written:

> This is now your problem. Interchange will not be able to see your tables
> unless you tell it which ones to bind to. It will then do a 'select * from
> <table> limit 1' to work out the field names and make them available. You
> can specify the data types in the products.pgsql file or it will assume
> varchar(255) (I think).
> you need something like:
--- scip ---
Yes, I've done it, now I have dbconf/pgsql/products.pgsql,
and "#include dbconf/pgsql/*" in the catalog.cfg.
I use [sql type="list" sql="select * from products"]
(but, I didn't find information about 'type="list"' for tag [sql])
And my pages doesn't return any information.
Where can I get examples, description (other, then there are in
icdatabase.txt, iccattut.txt - for me it is not enough :(( )

my best regards,
Grigoriy G. Vovk