[ic] Verisign & Payment processing

Jean-Pierre Parent parentjp@videotron.ca
Tue, 10 Apr 2001 13:06:04 -0400

Verisign called back 8 hours after my e-mail request. At least that was not

But my question is: Does Interchange support Ibill ?

Jean-Pierre Parent

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> My experience with Verisign was not good. I called thinking of switching
> from Ibill's Gateway service to Verisign, and called them 4 times and no
> every called me back, even when I was transferred to the salesman for my
> region. My store alone generates tens of thousands of dollars in sales
> month, so they really blew it.
> Conversely at Ibill, they will call me 5 times a day if I'm experiencing
> kind of problem.
> Akopia support has told me that they are in the process of revamping their
> payment gateway options (but wouldn't give details), so I may just wait
> learn how to use the store really well while that is underway.
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> Hi everyone,
> I'm considering using a Verisign (Signio) service for payment processing.
> its the first time I get involved with that kind of stuff I dont know what
> to watch for so I tought I'd ask here for advices and warnings from
> users of any service (...from any company).
> So what should one search for? (if this scares you just ignore it and keep
> reading please...)
> I'd like to know which service of Verisign works with Interchange (Payflow
> Pro, Payflow Link and Payflow Pro w/ Premium service)? On what should one
> base its decision wheater he should get the whole kit, or not (or if
> is possible for that matter...)?
> As for the SSL stuff...are there any documentation pointers you could
> I'm mostly searching for what is involved in setting this up...The
> side ought to be explained somewhere but perhaps one would share his
> experience?
> Any other advices are welcome...and hopefully it'll be of use for others
> well.
> Thank you for your input!
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>  Jean-Pierre Parent
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