[ic] Backing up/Moving problems

Curt Hauge chc@mninter.net
Tue, 10 Apr 2001 12:05:54 -0500

Quoting Kyle McLerren

>on the left hand side it displays all the options for
>the default "construction demo site" such as "shovels, ladders, etc".. and
>not the costom fields i have on the other machine. Such as "Costom item
>here", where the user would click that linkw hen they wanted to see all
>items for "costom item here." nothing else seems to be different, just
>that one section on the left there.

Try checking area.txt and under column 'sel' make sure they all say 'left'
AND column 'which_page' says 'all'. Or go through the admin, select
administration, tables, select 'edit' area table, choose spreadsheet, and
check for the same.

Good luck!

Curt Hauge