[ic] Backing up/Moving problems

Kyle McLerren flux@aub.com
Tue, 10 Apr 2001 12:49:16 -0700 (PDT)

Let me re-state this in a clear fasion - 

I have interchange 4.6.0 on a machine. I MIRRORED my /usr/lib/interchange
directory from that particular machine on to a NEW server. I mirrored it
with rsync so its an exact replica (not sure if i ndded to but anyways - )
I also made a mirror image of /home/userdir/ which contains BOTH the
cataloge info and the store URL with images, etc.

Now, this store is costomised using the consturction site as a template
when it was first made. The orignal machine works fine. It has costom
fiels on the left (remember using the layout of the demo store) IT has a
catagory for lets say "Junk" and under junk it has "more junk" where you
can click "more junk" and itll diplsya the results for more junk with

NOW - The PROBLEM is - With the NEW SERVER. ITs supposed to be a mirror
image copy of the old server's interchange stuff but yet ---

the costom fields on the left such as "junk" and "more junk" etc, that
were supposed to be there DONT show up. instead, it shows the old deefault
costruction site catagoires where someone could chose from like
"hammers" anmd "nails and ladder" --- etc. IT has abosuletly no costom
stuff for that left field. BUT - the other stuff SEEMS to be ok. its just
that one area. 

One thing i forgot to say last time - I USE DEFAULT_DB. Not mysql, or
anything like that. HAs anyone had any expirience like this? all i want to
do is get my old interchange stuff from my old server to my new one,
simple as that (or it last it sounds simple). Please help  :> Im beating
my head over this one! 

On Tue, 10 Apr 2001, Curt Hauge wrote:

> Quoting Kyle McLerren
> >on the left hand side it displays all the options for
> >the default "construction demo site" such as "shovels, ladders, etc".. and
> >not the costom fields i have on the other machine. Such as "Costom item
> >here", where the user would click that linkw hen they wanted to see all
> >items for "costom item here." nothing else seems to be different, just
> >that one section on the left there.
> Try checking area.txt and under column 'sel' make sure they all say 'left'
> AND column 'which_page' says 'all'. Or go through the admin, select
> administration, tables, select 'edit' area table, choose spreadsheet, and
> check for the same.
> Good luck!
> Curt Hauge
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