[ic] look and feel integration.

Thomas Swinney thomas@biz-e-solutions.com
Tue, 10 Apr 2001 17:46:44 -0400

Another Idea that I have for how to achieve this with the least fuss is 
to have a button from inside the administration that will generate code 
that if you place this code in a html page it will allow you to see 
just predefined stuff while still following your own css and styles.  I 
think this should be pretty easy..  Could some developer tell me if 
this is possible or am I wishing for the impossible?  It seems easy 
enough.  BTW I have a book on learning perl/cgi for the web because of 
Akopia.  Finally something has made me really want to learn perl. 

Over the years I have loved using peoples code that existed and usually 
it has always mostly fit the bill as does akopia.  I decided to join 
the ranks of developers instead of users...  :-)   

Keep up the good work developers...