[ic] Design | Static | Regeneration Problems/Questions

Craig A. Carman webmaster@seeshopgo.com
Wed, 11 Apr 2001 07:01:54 -0500

 I have many successful design layout changes to my ic 4.6.4.  Now ic
responds but no longer makes the changes.  My procedure was to make design
layout changes, "Apply Changes", then "Regenerate" static pages (or at least
static index.html), click on the catalog name in the footer of most admin
pages to see changes.  This has worked successfully many times.  Now, ic
responds and appears to add/delete/change but no changes result after above
procedure.  Also, I have repeatedly completed all these commands
successfully in different sequences before, during and after making changes
with no progress (expireall, stop, start, restart).  IC isn't dead because
it responds and existing customer side works fine.

First of all, what am I overlooking, doing wrong, or what is broken with my
IC system or my understanding?

Second, would someone explain the static regen admin page regarding how to
select which pages will be included in "Force Build of:" and which in "Never

At first look, it seemed obvious I would be able to choose which pages go in
each column, but, I found a complete list in each column with no way to
change either.  I'm missing the logic and the technique on this page.

Craig Carman