[ic] CCVS Future?

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Wed, 11 Apr 2001 14:42:07 -0400

Quoting Webb, Malcolm (malcolmw@upshot.com):
> David-
> I would prefer that resources were put into supporting Signio/Verisign
> within Interchange.

Actually, Signio is but one of 6 gateways we will be rolling out
standard support for in 4.8. They include:


There is the possibility that if we can get some funding for other
projects a couple more will be brought in -- we ask that people
pay a fraction of what it would cost for a dedicated project,
then we put 4 times the hours into making it a fully documented
addition to the payment gateways.

Each will be transparent to the other -- in other words, if you are
using a function common to each (like a plain sale, or online check
for those gateways that support that) there will be no page changes
to change gateways. You just do:

    Variable MV_PAYMENT_MODE signio
    Route  signio   id        yourSignioID
    Route  signio   partner   yourSignioPartner
    Route  signio   vendor    yourSignioVendor

and go.

We will also have some PayPal support, though it is an odd beast
and cannot be transparent like the rest. It will be supported as
an extension. (Of course, it is easy to add PayPal right now if
you don't need to trigger the order into the order database.)

The beginnings of this are already in CVS and will be in the beta
release of 4.7.x, coming soon.

In addition, a short integrators guide (in the form of
User::Payment::Skeleton and its accompanying POD) will help potential
integrators integrate a new gateway.

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