[ic] CommonAdjust without any common sense?

Barry Treahy, Jr. treahy@mmaz.com
Wed, 11 Apr 2001 12:55:15 -0700

I have an unusual twist regarding CommonAdjust and could use some

One of my IC sites is used for B2B between distributors and the
factory.  The distributor agreements have just recently been changed so
that if they choose to 'broker' product, they do not receive their
distributor discount.

In a nut shell, there are two limits: For a line item to receive proper
quantity discounting, they must order 10 or more (not a problem) but for
any of the items (regardless if a line may qualify for a quantity break)
on the order to be discounted, the total order must equal or exceed
$2000 which means that if the order is $1999.99, any potential line item
discounts are null and void.

Two gotcha's that I see immediately is that if I suppress CommonAdjust
until the order reaches $2k and then allow it to do its stuff, this will
bring the net order below $2k and create an ugly cycle.  If I allow line
items to discount and then to an 'order total' test at the end and it
fails the $2k limit, when it removes the line item discounts it could
blow over $2k, again creating an ugly cycle.

The other aspect that I have not received confirmation on, but I believe
they want to see the discounted price and then at the time of placing
the order if the order does not qualify, then to reprice the order
before committing it.

This seems a bit ugly and comments or input would be appreciated.




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