[ic] How can get arguments?

Grigoriy G. Vovk Grigoriy.Vovk@linustech.com.cy
Thu, 12 Apr 2001 17:58:58 +0300 (EEST)

Apr 12, 15:15 +0100, Jonathan Clark has written:

> >
> > I've used -
> > <a href='[area href='category_new' arg="[sql-code]"]'>new</a>
> >
> > How can I get argument value?
> > I can if do [cgi mv_arg], is it correct, or I should use other way?
> the mv_arg is in [data session arg]

Ok, how to use it?
And if I want to pass more then one argument? Like
<a href='[area href='category_new' arg="code=[sql-code]/limit=10"]'>
Is it correct?

> alternatively, you can use:
> <a href='[area href='category_new' form="code=[sql-code]"]'>new</a>
> and [cgi code]
May by, you can print small example, how to get arguments?
Documentation for [data ] sad that session namespace is deprecated.

I want to know, how to pass more than one arguments, and how to get it.
May be, I read documentation not carefuly, but I can't find this
information. So, help me, ho can.
Thank's a lot for your patience.

my best regards,
Grigoriy G. Vovk