[ic] [subtotal], [total] and discount

Jonathan Clark jonc@webmaint.com
Thu, 12 Apr 2001 16:10:47 +0100

I suggest you do a bit of fault-finding as follows:


[setlocale eur_EUR]

Should be: [currency convert=1]
    [subtotal noformat=1]


No format: [subtotal noformat=1]


one hundred: [currency convert=1]

as your code. If it all works correctly, you should get three lines first in
euros, second the unformatted number, and the third should be 0.34 euros.

Since you are getting multiple currencies displaying elsewhere I think the
locales yuo have set up must be ok.

Please reply to the list with your results.


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From: Thomas N. Stefanidis [mailto:thomas@prometheas.gr]
Sent: 12 April 2001 15:30
To: jonc@webmaint.com
Subject: RE: [ic] [subtotal], [total] and discount

Hello Jonathan,greetings from Greece.
Thank you for writting back.
You told me to do so :

>         [currency convert=1]
> --->  [subtotal noformat=1]
>         [/currency]

but that didn't do nothing.
It's so weird.Doulbe prices work fine(i have 2 currencies to all my products
and it works just fine)
I was wondering if this had to do something with my locales in the
catalog.cfg.Any  more what to do?

Locale eur_EUR PriceDivide      340.75
Locale eur_EUR p_cs_precedes       0
Locale eur_EUR currency_symbol     &euro;
Locale eur_EUR p_sep_by_space      3
Locale eur_EUR mon_decimal_poin    .
Locale eur_EUR mon_thousand_sep    ,
Locale eur_EUR mon_thousands_sep   ,
Locale eur_EUR frac_digits         2

Locale el_GR PriceDivide             1
Locale el_GR frac_digits             0
Locale el_GR mon_decimal_point       ""
Locale el_GR mon_thousand_sep        .
Locale el_GR mon_thousands_sep       .
Locale el_GR p_cs_precedes           0
Locale el_GR p_sep_by_space          1
Locale el_GR currency_symbol         δρ
Locale el_GR PriceDivide        1

Thank you once more.