[ic] FIX: [search-region] FORM ARGs

Jean-Pierre Parent parentjp@pjp.dhs.org
Thu, 12 Apr 2001 20:04:30 -0400

Hi everyone,

A few weeks ago Mike sent on the mailing list a one-line-patch to add
[search-region] FORM arguments support...

It works very nice for the previous and next anchors except that this line
has to be somewhere else too for
the "pages" to work.

Be sure to add the line marked by a "+" at:

sub more_link {
        my($inc, $pa) = @_;
        my ($next, $last, $arg);
        my $list = '';
        $pa =~ s/__PAGE__/$inc/g;
        my $form_arg = "mv_more_ip=1\nmv_nextpage=$page";
        $form_arg .= "\npf=$prefix" if $prefix;
        $form_arg .= "\nmi=$prefix" if $more_id;
+        $form_arg .= "\n$opt->{form}" if $opt->{form};
        $next = ($inc-1) * $chunk;

This is in the Interpolate.pm file...(tip: search for "sub more_link" to
find the place...)

Thanks again Mike...

Jean-Pierre Parent