[ic] Interchange Server Unavailable

Jason Ballou jasonballou1@yahoo.com
Thu, 12 Apr 2001 15:47:57 -0700 (PDT)

I am getting this message almost daily.  The only fix
we've found is restarting the Interchange Server and
then it works again for a while.  Also, it seems like
a few hours before this happens, there tends to be
another error where when I try to edit an item or item
quantity etc. in the admin UI, I get an Internal
Server Error message when I click on the link to the
item, its quantity, etc.  Restarting the Interchange
Server seems to temporarily clear this up as well.

We've upgraded to the newest version of Interchange
and are still having this problem.  Can anyone please
help, this is severly hurting sales?

System Specs:
Dual Pentium III w/1 Gig Ram
Apache 1.3.12 Server
Linux Redhat 6.2


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