[ic] Interchange Server Unavailable

Ryan Hertz rhertz@baits.com
Thu, 12 Apr 2001 16:54:10 -0700

>I am getting this message almost daily.  The only fix
>we've found is restarting the Interchange Server and
>then it works again for a while.  Also, it seems like
>a few hours before this happens, there tends to be
>another error where when I try to edit an item or item
>quantity etc. in the admin UI, I get an Internal
>Server Error message when I click on the link to the
>item, its quantity, etc.  Restarting the Interchange
>Server seems to temporarily clear this up as well.

Are you expiring sessions?  Any error log information?  (There should be 
any time you get an Apache error)  Howabout the IC error logs?

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