[ic] Help with troubleshooting

Jon Pamment jon@icaust.com
Fri, 13 Apr 2001 17:22:11 +1000

No doubt this is real basic for most of you but....I'm going through the
docs and mail archive trying to get construct-interchange past the "We're
sorry...." page.

Configuration is
E-Smith 4.1.1 (Fresh new install)
Interchange 4.6.4
Using ps aux i get:
interch   1075  0.0 21.1 15184 13516 ?       S    16:25   0:00 interchange
That means its running doesnt it?

(For anyone else trying to get this going, dont use the e-smith manager to
create user interch.....use useradd instead)

How or where do I find the following?
Socket file
CGI Link Program

I have almost no experience with linux, so its a battle......but I'm
determined to win in the end.