[ic] With RedHat 7.0 i cannot still work with IC and MySQL.

Marco Mescoli m.mescoli@omnibit.nu
Fri, 13 Apr 2001 16:28:39 +0200

All OK building my catalog template on internal IC database but this orrible
error Building simple construct demo on MySQL DB server.

[ic] config error: failed (create) Can't connect to MySQL ... (111)

./makecat via mysqladmin creates DB test_construct but IC cannot create
tables inside.
I test manually mysql and i can create without user pass or hostname
I have digged mail archives several times and i have tried all suggestions
that, in many other case, give me the correct and precious solution.

For this great help many many thanks to all you.

But now in my new server i try all but cazzacchiona! (italian coloured
imprecation) with RH7.0 i cannot still work with IC and MySQL.

- ReadHat 7.0 Linux version 2.2.16-22smp
- Apache/1.3.12 (Unix)  (Red Hat/Linux)
- MySQL 3.23.22-beta-log
- Interchange:4.6.4 (RPM RedHat Linux 7.0)
- perl, v5.6.0 built for i386-linux
     MIME::Base64 is up to date.
     URI is up to date.
     Net::FTP is up to date.
     MIME::Base64 is up to date.
     Digest::MD5 is up to date.
     HTML::Tagset is up to date.
     HTML::Parser is up to date.
     HTML::HeadParser is up to date.
     LWP is up to date.
     Term::ReadKey is up to date.
     Term::ReadLine::Perl is up to date.
     Business::UPS is up to date.
     SQL::Statement is up to date.
     Storable is up to date.
     DBI is up to date.
     Safe::Hole is up to date.
     Bundle summary: The following items in bundle Bundle::Interchange had
         installation problems:
     DBD::mysql is up to date.

Marco Mescoli
Omnibit piccola scrl,