[ic] Dreamweaver and interchange

Brian Kosick briank@nacs.net
Fri, 13 Apr 2001 10:46:49 -0400

Hello all,
	While browsing through the archives, I noticed that a while back, there 
was a thread discussing Interchange extensions for Dreamweaver.  But 
couldn't find if it had gotten off the ground.  If so, are they available 
somewhere?  I've noticed that the construct templates have the signature 
MM_ prefix, and thought I ask, as it would make my job that much easier. ;-)

Also, I found a post from Mike, that showed how to do Fedex ground 
shipping, and mentioned the Business::Fedex perl module.  My question 
is:  Has someone all ready done a complete Fedex shipping solution 
(Air/Priority/etc)for Interchange yet?  Thought I ask, before I roll my own.

Brian Kosick
Web Programmer
New Age Consulting Service, Inc.