[ic] FullUrl usage? anyone?

Randy Moore ramoore@axion-it.net
Fri, 13 Apr 2001 15:40:40 -0400

Hi Jud,

I've successfully used FullUrl on a Minivend 4.04 server, but I haven't 
tried it on anything later.  Here are the lines from my minivend.cfg file:
Catalog mflorder        directory       /homea/medoptionslegal/catalogs/order
Catalog mflorder        script          www.medoptionslegal.com/cgi-bin/order
Catalog mflorder        alias           www.medifocuslegal.com/cgi-bin/order
Catalog mflorder        alias           www.medoptionslegal.com/order

#Allow multiple catalogs with the same name
FullUrl  Yes

Hope this helps.

At 12:08 PM 4/12/01 -0400, you wrote:
>After trying every single possible variation of the FullUrl/Catalog 
>directives unsuccessfully, I'm at a loss... Can anyone tell me how to 
>format the Catalog directive when FullUrl Yes is set?  I'm trying to run 
>one catalog per vhost - nothing seems to work.
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