[ic] using a filter returning database field using data tag - no filter?

Jonathan Clark jonc@webmaint.com
Sat, 14 Apr 2001 11:14:51 +0100

[ic 4.6.4 / RH6.2]

Hi All,

I am trying to filter a returned database field using [data base= field=
key= filter=]

According to the docs

> and finally, the filter attribute is a set of Interchange filters that are
applied to the data
> 1) after it is read; or
> 2)before it is placed in the table.

Looking at Interpolate.pm, (lines 650+), it looks like a filter is only
applied if:

	1) using data session to set or return a session variable.
	2) setting a database field using the value= argument.

whereas just returning data appears to use:

	#The most common , don't enter a block, no accoutrements
	return database_field($selector,$key,$field);

So... Do the docs refer to a later version, or is this just an oversight?