[ic] Why I'm dumping Interchange

Jonathan Clark jonc@webmaint.com
Sat, 14 Apr 2001 20:19:32 +0100

> After using Minivend, now Interchange on and off for three years, I've
> made the decision to migrate away from it. This was a big decision
> because there's was (and is) a lot that is attractive about Interchange.
> I've written up an article with my thoughts on Interchange is here:
> http://mark.stosberg.com/tech/interchange/review.html
> I try to offer suggestions where I have complaints and give IC credit
> for it's stengths.
> Perhaps my words will resonate with some of you and you'll hasten your
> move away from IC. For others, perhaps you'll be further convinced that
> IC is the best solution for your needs. :)

I am sure that Interchange, like any other application will not suite all.

For my company, however, I still think Minivend / Interchange was a good
choice. Two years ago I was looking for an e-commerce application which
would support products in the hundreds to thousands, and it was very
important that it was customisable and extensible.

I have previous programming experience in a number of other languages, but
none of Perl when I started to learn the markup language. I found the MML on
the whole logical and easy to use, and was quickly able to put together a
customised e-commerce solution. As I have learnt, and Minivend has evolved,
I have developed web applications which have become more complex, and have
rarely been unable to get Interchange to do what I want. I think the single
most powerful feature us the usertag and I find the ability to take an
existing catalog and alter the pricing method and structure throughout with
CommonAdjust fantastic.

I am sure it would be possible to develop slicker code to do what I do but I
just don't have the resources. I have chosen a solution which already has
years of development and a large installed base, consulting and hosting if I
were to need them.

As to perl development and the API, if we as users were to take more time
(me included) to post our own code examples and usertags, then we could all
learn at a faster rate.

I actually feel quite lucky that I came across, and took the time to learn
Interchange. I am sure I will be using it for years to come.

Good luck Mark,