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On Sun, 15 Apr 2001, Jonathan Clark wrote:

You sure put a lot of work into your answer!
I greatly appreciate it!

JC>>The normal way to do this would be to have your pricing table with fields
JC>>corresponding to the quantities.
JC>>The problem with your pricing structure is that the price breaks are not

Unfortunately, that's not my choice, unless I were to repackage

The apples come from Grower K who has a certain set of bags and boxes.
The oranges come from Grower T who has a completely different set and
size of bags and boxes.

And, since the bags and boxes have their brand names on them and my
customers are buying by brand name recognition (some want Chiquita
bananas, and others want Dole bananas) I need to stick to their
packages and quantities.

For ease of inventory and the POS transactions, I've broken everything
down to 1 unit and multiples thereof. It's been working pretty good.

JC>>pricing table:
JC>>sku	q12	q15	q16	q18	q20	q24	q48	q72	q75	q80	q96
JC>>AP-S				0.75				0.50
JC>>AP-M						1.25					1

This is absolutely fantastic!

Once I get my income taxes done, I'll try implementing this. It looks
easy when you present it this way!

JC>>PriceField	nonexistant_field
JC>>CommonAdjust   pricing:q12,q15,q16,q18,q20,q48,q72,q75,q80,q96: ;:price

This one may confoozle me a bit until I play around.

JC>>but there must be a better way if you can't predict what the breaks will be.

I can predict what they will be. But, it's just that every manufacturer
seems to set their own quantities per bag and bags per case. But, I can
set them up.

Thank you so very much! I appreciate your hard work!

-= Jim =-

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