[ic] Why I'm dumping Interchange

Kaare Rasmussen kar@webline.dk
Sun, 15 Apr 2001 10:58:07 +0200

I'm about to release the prototype of an Open Source project based on IC. I 
chose IC because of the positive sides. I hope that Mike and others will work 
on the negatives.

I understand that IC is not easy to use. I've been using it for some time 
now, but my problem is that I have only very little time to devote to my 
project, so I can only grasp a small percentage of it.

It doesn't help that the documentation is more than cryptic. Or should I say 
that the copy of the pdf files that I've printed is - maybe it has become 
better. It lacks both in detail (examples of the tags) and in general (I'm 
still confused about what possibilities is "in there", how to use Perl 
modules, if it is possible at all and so on. Maybe my fault, but I did read 
it several times.
I can't figure out how to do a simple thing like this in a [perl] section: 
Make a sql singleton select and retrieve the fields in Perl variables. I've 
resorted to a very cumbersome workaround. Not very readable, not fun to write.

But on the other hand, IC is rock solid, unlike several of the other 
alternatives that I've tried. It contains almost too much functionality to 
learn. It's configurable like nothing else. It doesn't bulk up the httpd 
processes - you can even run it on a different server if you need more speed. 
And so on.

When I announce my prototype, I hope that maybe someone with IC experience 
can help me setting the right course for the future.

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