[ic] Taking a Poll

Thomas Johnson thomas@unifiedconsulting.com
15 Apr 2001 01:32:59 -0700

With all this discussion of the pros and cons of IC, I have to say that
far and away my number one problem with IC is the docs. Looking up tags
and seeing "No description" has to be one of the most frustrating
encounters I've had with a language.
So my question is this: If my company set up some sort of resource
(maybe even just a WikiWeb?) with the intention of facilitating more
thorough IC documentation, would more than just a couple people here
contribute? For example, some longtime users outside of the core
developers seem to know which tags were present in MV and how they've
changed; it would be nice to collect all this info in a more organized
way than on the mailing list.

Thoughts? Comments?