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Hello Jason,

It seems that the line

    Database products EXCEL 1

only works for catalogs running the internal IC db. How about those of
us who utilise MySQL? Can we strip all the extra stuff that Excel ADDs

How irritating MS can be!

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Saturday, April 14, 2001, 1:34:48 PM, you wrote:

JT> Here it comes again - the EXCEL issue...

JT> In several posts, I have seen:

JT> Microsoft Excel insists on surrounding any exported field that contains a
JT> comma with quotes, even for TAB-delimited exports. Set the EXCEL attribute
JT> to 1 to fix this on import:

JT>     Database products EXCEL 1

JT> However, in 4.6.4, I do not see anything like this, and in fact one poster
JT> mentioned that he tried adding it anyway and it caused errors...

JT> For 4.6.4, what is the BEST way to get data from EXCEL to an acceptable tab
JT> delimited text file?

JT> Thanks in advance...

JT> Jason

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