[ic] Outside Modification Of Databases

Jean-Pierre Parent parentjp@videotron.ca
Mon, 16 Apr 2001 18:17:42 -0400

Quoting "Towne Crier Systems" <tcs@whitefish.net>:

> Which is better to use the internal database or sql?  I already have mysql
> installed in the system for some other stuff.

I think there is nothing such a best method...both ways have their
advantages and inconvenients.

It can become a complex subject but here are 2 things to help you:

If you are going to manipulate large quantities of items and features you
might be better off with a database.
However, if you have less than a thousand items it might be overkill...

It is also a question whether you are able to install/maintain an SQL
database (or someone else can for you).

I recommend you read a bit on the subject...knowing what each method can do
(or can't) will save you time.

J.-P. P.