[ic] Taking a Poll

IC-Admin interchange@my-school.com
Mon, 16 Apr 2001 01:36:45 -0400 (EDT)

Quoting Webb, Malcolm (malcolmw@upshot.com):
> > > IC Admin-
> > >
> > > You wrote:
> > >
> > > "The only thing RedHat has really to decide, is how to split the
> > > whole platform in an enduser friendly IC-light version and a
> > > developer IC-heavy -duty version and how they want to distribute and
> > > deliver these two services, products and may be different set of
> > > documentations, and for what price."
> >
> > I think this is the second time that you've hinted that some changes
> > are in the works w/IC. Is Redhat planning to try and charge for
> > IC? What ideas  are being tossed around?
> I don't think Birgitt speaks for Red Hat. I do, at least to some
> degree, and no changes are planned in licensing. Ever, that I know
> of.

Ooops, I have to apologize. This apparently was completely misunderstood.
I just couldn't imagine someone would come to the idea that I in any way
would speak for RedHat, had any knowledge of what RedHat is going to do,
or that I might be related to RedHat. I am very sorry. Nothing could
be further away from the truth. I am not even a current active user
of IC with a finished catalog.

I just comment like this to express what I *personally* would wish
the future would  bring about with regards to RedHat's IC. I am disturbed
that my comments were misunderstood as to say that I suggested in any
way a change of license. That is the *last* thing I would want to happen.
My formulation to offer a service and product against a price was not
intended to mean a change in license. There are certainly other ways of
paying for a service. I just wish RedHat success with IC, that's all.

The reason why I posted twice with similar intentions, is because it's
hard for me to watch people going through some tough decision making
agonies with regards to IC, people, who clearly show some frustrations
and confusions about the application's features and complexity on this

I know from my own experience, that one can, on an off again, for a
long period of time, agonize about some clearly necessary decisions one
has to make with regards to IC, if one is new and no programmer. That's
why I point out as best as I can, what realistically the options for
beginners in my opinion are, if I see people in similar situations. 

Though I have had major difficulties to even find the courage
to rebuild a larger site by myself, I nevertheless always encourage
people to not give up and try to learn it, because it's a great package.
I have seen it in action and it was very good.

But one has to understand quickly where one stands and what one can afford
to spend on IC with regards to time, money and sweat, especially if one
belongs to the group of people, who are not professional. I think it helps
to recognize that early on. Of course, I would wish IC remains a package
which can be used by layman users. That's the only reason, why I comment
in this respect on the list.

A side note to Jim Balcon. My nameserver is working fine, my domain name
had expired and therefore I had an outage of proper  domain resolution
for some days. I receive mail without a problem. I just sent you
one private mail some weeks ago as a response to your initial complaints
and frustration with IC you voiced here on the list earlier. Mike didn't
want to see that thread to be continued on the list, so I sent it off
privately. I think it should stay that way. There is no need to bring
something like it back to the list. 

BTW, you misunderstand me greatly if you think I can easily say that I
can afford a consultant. I can't and I know if one needs one and can't 
afford one, that one has to make up one's mind. The sooner the better.
My comments were all well intentioned. 

BF (Birgitt)