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At 11:47 PM 4/15/2001 +0800, you wrote:
>Hello Jason,
>It seems that the line
>     Database products EXCEL 1
>only works for catalogs running the internal IC db. How about those of
>us who utilise MySQL? Can we strip all the extra stuff that Excel ADDs
>How irritating MS can be!

Here's some ways to remove the quotes from a file.
         #cat products.txt | tr -d '"' > products_no_quotes.txt
 From inside vi:
Perl script:
#!/usr/bin/perl -w

# $file is the file you want to strip the '"' from.
$file = /path/to/filename;

# $tmp is the file we write w/o the '"'s
$tmp = /path/to/tmp;

# If you want to get $file and $tmp from the command line, remove the
# previous two lines ($file... and $tmp...), and uncomment the next two
# lines:
# $file = $ARGV[0];
# $tmp = $ARGV[1];
# I would also include a check to make sure that the file exists before
# attempting to open it (but that's me), like so:

# if (-e $file) {
#       if (-e $tmp) {

# Open $file for reading
open FILE, "<$file" || die "\nDid not open $file\n";
# Open $tmp for writing
open TMP, ">$tmp" || die "\nDid not open $tmp\n";
# For each line of $file...
while (<FILE>) {
         # Substitute any and all '"'s with <NULL>.
         $line = s/\"//g;
         # Write the line to $tmp
         pint TMP $line;
}  #endwhile

# And ALWAYS close your file handles!
close FILE;
close TMP;

# If you want, you can move $tmp to $file, overwriting the original...To do so,
# Include the following line:
system ("mv $tmp $file");

#       }  #endif
# }  #endif
# END of script

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>Saturday, April 14, 2001, 1:34:48 PM, you wrote:
>JT> Here it comes again - the EXCEL issue...
>JT> In several posts, I have seen:
>JT> Microsoft Excel insists on surrounding any exported field that contains a
>JT> comma with quotes, even for TAB-delimited exports. Set the EXCEL attribute
>JT> to 1 to fix this on import:
>JT>     Database products EXCEL 1
>JT> However, in 4.6.4, I do not see anything like this, and in fact one poster
>JT> mentioned that he tried adding it anyway and it caused errors...
>JT> For 4.6.4, what is the BEST way to get data from EXCEL to an 
>acceptable tab
>JT> delimited text file?
>JT> Thanks in advance...
>JT> Jason
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